Diederik Gelderman: The number ONE Veterinary Coach who transforms your Veterinary Practice from a loss-making business into a powerful, profitable and effective investment.

Travelling the world for the last decade and a half and working with literally hundreds of Veterinary practices including;
  •  small (1 person) and large (over 40 Veterinarians with 140 support staff) practices
  • single site or operating from multiple sites
  • small animal
  • mixed animal
  • equine / bovine / porcine
  • specialty practices
… I’ve discovered that most of the Veterinarians that have approached me with various challenges or that I have worked with fall into one of three broad categories or areas.
These three areas are;
  • the practitioner who has recently bought or started a practice or bought into an existing practice,
  • the practitioner who has been in practice for some years (anywhere from 5 to 30) and whose practice is not reaping them the Work-Life or financial benefits that they imagined would come their way for the amount of time and effort they have invested,
  • the older practitioner who is nearing retirement or even the practitioner who just wants to sell their practice and who either has not yet made enough money from the practice or who has no retirement or exit strategy/plan in place - or who plain downright just has not yet managed to put enough money put aside to retire on.
In the three sections below you will find articles, check-sheets, workbooks and all manner of self-help tools, tips, strategies and solutions that are appropriate and specific to those three broad areas.
All of these ‘tools’ are practical, down-to-earth, tried and tested and easily applied in almost EVERY Veterinary practice.
Please feel free to download anything that you feel may be of assistance to you. In other words – STEAL SHAMELESSLY.
And if you don’t find what you need – just send me an email telling me what you want or need and I’ll do my best to find something that specifically meets your needs.
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