Are you bringing home enough money from your Veterinary Practice?

Are you bringing home enough money from your Veterinary Practice?Here is what I mean by that;

  • Are you paying yourself a commencial wage?
  • Are you paying yourself rent (if you own the building)
  • Are you getting a profit on top of that that is equal to the time and effort that you’re putting into your practice?

If you answered ‘NO’ to any of these then this video is for you
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See below to read the transcriptionAre you bringing home enough money from your Veterinary Practice?

Hi, it’s Diederik Gelderman here. 

Let me be really blunt and asked you a very straightforward question. “Are you bringing home enough money from your veterinary practice?” 

What I mean by that is are you;

  • Paying yourself a commercial wage?
  • Paying yourself rent if you own the building? 
  • And then, are you getting a profit on top of that; a profit which is equal to the time and effort that you’re putting into your practice? 

Most times, when I ask people that, the answer is a flat NO. 

They are under paying themselves, they’re under paying themselves their own rent and they’re not making much of a profit. 

Would you like to change that? Because it’s very easy to do. 

Let me give you an example. 

I sold my practice back in 2009 to work on my Turbo Charge Your Practice Business and I’ve been all over the world in the last 10 years helping practices to grow. 

BTW – if you want to get some names and addresses and emails or whatever from me, phone numbers, please contact me. I’ll point you in the direction of some of my very successful clients. 

Because of my partner, Jennifer’s increasing ill health, we started staying home a lot in the last two or three years. 

Just on 9 months ago, this practice in which I am here now — and this is the cat room — came up for sale… 

At that stage, it was turning over just under a half a million dollars, that includes GST or VAT or whatever you want to call it in your country. 

  • It had on one person a day aside from the vet, that person being a nurse/receptionist. 
  • We’re going to turn over close to $800 [000] in these 12 months, so we haven’t quite doubled the practice gross fee income but we’ve gone awfully darn close. 
  • My goal was a 30% to 50% improvement and we will truly achieve that and more. 
  • We now have on one nurse and one receptionist every day, and on some days we have two nurses on. 
  • This Saturday alone, we took $5,000 on a Saturday. A normal Saturday for the practice before then was $1,000 more or less. 
  • Would you like to do? Because if you want to do that, it’s really easy. 

What I want to show you or tell you is that the proof of the pudding is in the eating. 

I’ve been going around the world showing other people and helping other people achieve those results for 10 years – results that I originally achieved in my previous hospital – Greenhills Veterinary Hospital – in Maitland.

And now I’m using them in my own practice and they’ve worked once again. 

For $35 a month, that’s right – just $35 a month, you can avail yourself, you can have, you can expose yourself to every single one of those strategies that I’ve used to make this practice ultra successful. 

  • Now, I bought the practice in May, we, within a couple of months, went up one and a half times in turnover. 
  • New client numbers WERE between five and six-seven a month. 
  • Now we’re getting between 20 and 25 clients a month, and now it’s on an escalating trend. 

If you if you are not paying yourself a commercial wage, if you’re not paying yourself a fair profit, a take-home profit from the practice, and if you want to achieve that, then join Veterinary Business Academy at $35 a month…. 

Invest two hours of your time a month to implement these strategies and you will be able to have access to exactly what I’m doing here that’s grown this practice so well 

All you have to do is take the templates change them to your wording, your scripting, how you’d like them to look, and implement them, and it’ll work for you. 

For $35 a month, can you afford not to take up my offer? Can you afford not to join Veterinary Business Academy because you could be missing out on so very, very, very much. 

We’re open for memberships right at the moment, and in another month the membership rate is going to increase. 

If you join now, $35 a month, then you are what we call ‘grandfathered’, in other words you will always pay $35 a month as long as you are member. That rate will never go up. 

  • One other thing I should add is, for that $35 you have direct access to me; you can send the email, you can talk to me on Skype, you can ring me up and talk to me on the phone. 

Now, obviously I’m not going to invest as much time with you as I am with one of my one-on-one coaching clients, one of my inner circle clients, but I’m only too happy to help you out on a casual basis with a five or ten minute conversations here and there, with some emails, with proofing some of the documents that you put together, with helping you with some of the cash flow questions. 

The VBA members do that all the time and I’m only too happy to help them out. 

Once a month, we have an accountability call, it’s the second last Tuesday of every month we have an accountability call. 

A live one-hour call, you can fire anything. That call is typically aimed at the module from that month but it’s open to anything you’d like to throw at me there. 

So, $35 a month, can you afford not to do it?