I’ll bet you think you ‘recognize’ your team members

If you adequately and often (enough) ‘recognize’ your team members then YOU ARE THE EXCEPTION.

Watch this video to find out why.

Please take action!

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Do You Give Enough Recognition…

What we’re going to discuss this morning is leadership.

Let’s be blunt – that stats show that 90% of leaders suck at LEADERSHIP!!

Are you in the 90% or in the 10%.

I’m guessing that 90% of the people watching this video / reading the transcript will say that they’re in the 90% – !!

KRC research released a study about a month ago showing that 9 in 10 employees feel unrecognized by their supervisor…

… and probably that supervisor is listening to this video, watching this video right now.

That’s a 90% failure rate.

No other metric in your business would be tolerated to that degree.

If there was a statistic that abysmal, you’d do something about it.

But here’s the problem

80% of those same supervisors, when surveyed, say that they do recognize their employees often enough.

Do you see the problem here?

It’s called The Great Recognition Gap.

90% of leaders don’t even know that they suck at giving recognition and appreciation.

A couple of weeks ago, March 6, was Employee Appreciation Day

With COVID-19 going around, I didn’t record this video then as I meant to do at that time.

So I’m doing here for you now.

Right here, right now, I’d like you to do something about that giving recognition gap that we just talked about.

You need to start today.

Because you see, human beings are starving for recognition, they’re desperate to be validated. This type of validation is as essential to us as food and water.


Because validation or lack of validation has determined our survival as a species.

We have survived by functioning in groups, by being part of a group, of a greater group or a tribe and we’ve survived by being a part of society.

As an animal on this planet, we have weak claws, little fur, long childhoods and living in a group helped us humans, early humans survive the wild. An individual just couldn’t have survived on his or her own so long ago.

And that still applies today…

If we don’t give recognition to and validation of young children, they grow up with lots of mental scars, there’s so many studies on this and I’m sure you are aware of it.

This is why we have such a huge need to be recognized and to be accepted, especially by the Alpha or the leader of the pack, AND most likely that’s you.

If we were shunned or cast out from the protection of the tribe, it meant certain death. This need is still hardwired, this need to be accepted- is still hardwired into our system, into our system, our body, at our core today.

We not only need constant and never-ending validation from the tribe around us, have you noticed? Just look at all the stuff going along on Facebook or Instagram and you’ll notice this need for validation by the- from the tribe.

AND – We particularly need validation from the one person that this tribe has determined is the leader.

Understand this, I’m not talking about the leader of the free world or the high priest or the Big Kahuna or the big boss at the top of the Ivory tower.

If you’re in a huge practice, I’m not talking about the person that’s way, way, way above the ‘workers’ in the practice. Every micro tribe has a leader; every micro tribe has a leader, whether that’s spoken or unspoken.

You see parents, teachers, bosses, coaches, presidents are all spoken leaders, it’s- it says so on their business card, on their title, on their door, on their name badge…

…..but every peer circle, every office clique, every neighborhood, every church group, every social group, every bowling group, every softball team, every football team, etc. etc. I’m sure you get the picture.

Each one of those micro tribes has an alpha, an unspoken pack leader and everyone else in that group silently seeks their approval, their validation, their recognition.

After hearing this, I’d like you to watch the dynamic play out in the circles that you engage with every day.

Humans are fascinating creatures

Bosses listen up here, you have the moral and the fiduciary responsibility to provide those under your charge with one of the most essential human needs and what they need the most from you is to feel safe, to feel secure, to feel wanted, to feel motivated and to feel recognize.

They need your sincere recognition and praise.

Whether you know it or not, whether you admit it or not, you are the sunshine to their flower. When you cast your “RAEs” upon them, and RAE stands for Recognition Appreciation Encouragement….

When you send- when you cast your RAEs upon them, they open up like a flower and they will blossom.

The research shows that employees who are recognized more, improve their overall productivity by 40 percent, by 40 percent.

That’s the amount of extra discretionary effort that you can get from them if you do your job as a leader.

That’s the amount of discretionary effort that you’re leaving on the table if you don’t do your job as the leader.

Your job is to watch and catch people doing things right and then tell them directly, specifically and publicly if possible and they’ll love that public and ‘elation’ is too strong a word, but I can’t think of one… ‘PRAISE’, they love that public praise.

When the pack leader praises you in public, in front of the pack, in front of the other tribe members – WOW.

Your recognition and validation will make them feel safe, will make them feel wanted and will make them feel motivated, and then they will do what it takes to get more of that sunshine.

Tom Peters, back in the 70s put it so eloquently when he said, “The job of a leader, the job of the manager is to manage by walking around and finding people doing things right and to tell them.”

So, today whether you have employees or not, there are people in your micro universe, in your micro tribes, who look up to you for recognition, validation.

Be sure that they get it please, not just today, but every day. Find people doing things right, and tell them specifically, publicly and directly, and thank them for doing so.

And you will find that your leadership will improve dramatically, and their output, their functioning will improve exponentially.

Hope this has been use to you, I’ll see you on the next video.