Geoff Wilson, CoastVet

Our average consult fee has increased by a massive 16% on the strength of your strategies… and the clients are happy. You were right: we had to get our ‘headspace’ attuned first – we are business people and veterinary is our vocation and service/product.

Nick Emerton

We should experience an immediate increase in gross income of $47,500. Not bad for a weekend away and a few hours in the office.

Chris Blair

After seeing you at the AVA I wanted all my vets to hear what you had to say. The workshop has absolutely exceeded my expectations in every way.

Lora Holeman

Wow! I’m only on day 3 and you have already changed my thinking a lot! Actually, you changed my thinking a lot before that thru our phone visit and emails… 

What an eye opener about what the banker said about vets being like a mule—work all day long for a carrot….sad but very, very true among most of the vets I know. I’m thinking it was a good thing that the banker made that statement years ago to you! That thought has preoccupied my mind ever since I heard it…