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One-on-One Business Consulting and Coaching

What is Business Consulting?

Simply stated, Business Consulting is all about having your practice analysed.

What does this mean?
There are three types of analysis:

An analysis can consist of a ‘superficial’ analysis with respect to where your practice stands against the appropriate Veterinary industry benchmarks for your geographic and demographic area. This certainly does show you some of the strengths and weaknesses of your Veterinary business and where it is performing above the benchmarks and where there is potential for improvement.

Another type of analysis the ‘detailed’ practice analysis.
This analysis is very comprehensive and detailed and consists of a very detailed analysis of many facets of both your business and yourself. Areas looked at include:

• Full two year financials
• Work-flow 
• Marketing 
• Organisational structure
• Client acquisition, client retention and lost/lapsed client analysis
• Missed charges
• Standards of Care
• Client / patient compliance
• Website analysis
• Staff hiring, retention and motivation 
• Leadership
• Work / Life balance
• Return on Investment in the business
• Exit strategy
• Much more

And of course there is the ‘middle of the road’ course, in which a more detailed analysis of your Veterinary business is performed by ‘picking and choosing’ several of the categories above and analysing them in detail. 

With the above Business Consulting scenario, the consultant then produces and provides you with a detailed report on which you can take action and address the areas which need attending to.

However – the subsequent actions are all up to you! It is up to the ‘client’ to take action, maintain momentum and to implement and manage the changes in the Veterinary business.

What is Business Coaching?

Business coaching is the most popular service offered by Turbo Charge Your Veterinary Practice. This is where your business coach (Dr Diederik Gelderman) will still perform the detailed analysis as previously described and then consult with you one-on-one to make all of your business goals a reality in your Veterinary practice.

The business owner receives coaching and practice marketing/profit strategies specifically designed for THAT particular scenario and THAT particular practice.

The advantage of the coaching model is that you will receive deep one-on-one weekly mentoring sessions which will ensure that the strategies that you and the coach have decided on will BE implemented and will occur.

It’s always easier to do something when you are being guided by your coach who has faced similar challenges himself personally and has come through them with successful strategies and your coach who has also guided, helped and mentored Veterinarians and Veterinary practices through virtually every conceivable scenario, challenge or problem.

Business coaching is like having a workshop full of tools and equipment available, having the opportunity to ‘cherry-pick’ the tools that will best suit your particular situation and then having the expert workshop ‘foreman’ there to (figuratively) hold your hand and help you to implement and apply those strategies (tools and equipment) which will be the most suitable and appropriate for your Veterinary practice – give you the best and the most immediate results with the minimum amount of effort on your part.

As well as regular meetings with the practice owner, sometimes it will be necessary for the coach to have sessions and meetings with various members of your Team – whether that is the practice manager, the Veterinarians, the person responsible for marketing or your website, etc.

What Benefits Can a Business Coach Offer My Veterinary Practice?

The Turbo Charge Your Veterinary Business coaching model drives you to become the leader in your profession, in your industry.

As a Business Coaching Client, you will experience:-

 Increased profits. 
 Increased return-on-investment.
 Better work/life balance.
 Reduced hours working in the practice.
 MANY more holidays (or even your first holiday).
 Less STRESS.
 Renewed enthusiasm for your practice.
 A new world of business opportunities opening due the mind-set changes that you will have.
 Re-gain (or gain) control of your practice and your life (learn to run your Veterinary practice rather than having the practice run your life).

What Services Are Offered In Business Coaching?

 Proven marketing and business planning specific to the Veterinary industry.
 Your business coach will help you to implement successful SYSTEMS to increase PROFIT and take the STRESS out of running your business.
 Weekly business consulting/coaching calls. 
 Video conferencing when appropriate. 
 Mastermind groups.
 Complete internal and external marketing campaigns designed specifically for you by your business coach who understand the NEEDS of your practice, your market and your clients.
 Teaching you the blue print for practice success via mind-set changes and goal-setting taught by your business coach who has already been there and has mastered it.
 Time management strategies – how to RECLAIM YOUR LIFE NOW
 Business leadership training to manage small or large Veterinary businesses and to get the most out of your team.
 Business systems and structures so that you can work less and learn all that you need to know to make your dreams come.

The purpose of Turbo Charge Your Veterinary Business is to do more than just teach you what to do; you will be guided and mentored every step of the way as each idea takes shape, as each piece of the puzzle is put into place to make sure that everything is implemented perfectly for your practice’s success.

Whenever you are faced with challenges, or when you are unsure of where your next step needs to be, I’ll be here for you – to talk to, to email, to bounce ideas off. I have been there before and have helped hundreds of Veterinary business owners just like you to achieve the lifestyle of their dreams, and I am 100% committed to helping you achieve this also.

To take the next step, simply follow the link below to fill out a no obligation, confidential audit of your practice. This audit will allow a comprehensive assessment of your practices’ performance indicators and provide feedback tailored for you.

Click Here to email Diederik Gelderman and to receive your Free Practice Audit (valued at $1995) and I will be in contact with you within 24 hours.

View what your colleagues are saying about the impact of attending.

Geoff* attended Turbo Charge Your Veterinary Practice

“I’m pleased to say that our average veterinary consult fee has increased by a massive 16% on the strength of your strategies…and the clients are happy. You are right, we had to get our ‘headspace’ attuned first – we’re business people and veterinary is our vocation and service/product.” (*Name withheld to protect privacy: 5 vet practice, in coastal NSW)