How To Stop Worrying

Most of us know what worry feels like. But when it comes to how worry works – and what we can do to overcome it – the answers are less clear.

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There will be days like these

As I sat down to record this video – those words of Jon Lennon popped into my head.

And in ‘Days Like These’ it’s Leaders like YOU who need to step up and lead your tribe through your actions, words and deeds .

YOU – because our supposed leaders aren’t actually leading.

There is a huge opportunity here for you to help others and thereby help your team and your practice.

Watch the video – read the transcript – listen to the audio.

To help you through ‘Days Like These’ – there is a GIFT for you – please use it!!!

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How to Feel More Energised

Want to feel more awake and energised? When you’re feeling sluggish and exhausted, it can be challenging to know where to begin. If you’re at the point where you’re ready to make change but nothing seems to ‘stick’, it can feel especially frustrating.

You want to spring out of bed instead of dragging yourself up every morning. But how can you make change when you feel as though you’ve got lead weights attached to your feet? Where do you start, and how do you keep going?

Here are 3 ways to feel more awake and energised

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20 Ways to Build Your Self-Esteem

20 Ways to Build Your Self-Esteem

The first step to building your self-worth is finding things to build your confidence. I have sooo many ideas for you.

Your self-worth challenge: Below is a list of 20 ideas; hopefully at least 1 of them intrigues you, gets you excited, or gets your heart pumping.

You have to do at least 1 of these confidence boosting ideas TODAY – and then do ONE EVERY DAY till you’ve completed all 20.

Yes, today! You’ve got this.

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It is Really Sad

I’m really sad when I see practices who are in a ‘bidding’ war with their competitors…. – always thinking they have to be ‘inexpensive’ or equal in price to other practices.
This is just NOT true.
What I mean is that your clients are only too happy to pay MORE for your services – they really are!

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