Do you have a competitive advantage?

If you don’t (have a competitive advantage), then you are competing with every other Vet practice out there on PRICE. 

And that’s the veritable DEATH KNELL for your practice profitability….. 


And the easiest, the simplest and the cheapest form of competitive advantage in this day and age – especially in ‘Vet’, is the competitive advantage of Customer Service. It’s a fact that even good customer service, much less excellent customer service is, just like the fabled unicorn, almost non-existent in our industry. All you need to do is to read the recent studies or go to almost any Veterinary client forum or practice Facebook site. 

Excellent service, much less service beyond the call of duty is so rare today that it alone will make a huge difference to your Veterinary business. Frankly – even offering just GOOD levels of service will make you a stand-out success. 

People who get abnormal, fantastic awesome service will tell all their friends about you. The word of mouth is tremendous. 

Here are some simple suggestion of where to start; 

  • Do you always answer the phone on the third ring? 
  • Do you always call your clients, customers and patients (pets) by name? 
  • Do your receptionists stop what they’re doing and greet every client and pet when they walk in the door? 
  • Do your Veterinarians introduce themselves and acknowledge every member of the family present – even the kids? 
  • Do you fit in with their schedule rather than your own or are you RIGID in the way you do things – even on those quiet days? 
  • When you see something that needs doing that is simple, but not part of your job, do you just do it to help out? 
  • Do you ring every client two days after their visit just to check on how the pet is going and whether the client had all their questions answered? 
  • Do you anticipate their need and assist them with it? 
  • Do clients receive a “Relax and get on with your day, everything went well and ‘patient’ is in recovery…” peace-of-mind phone call after any procedure? 
  • If the client has a problem with a product or a procedure, do you get them to come back immediately and cheerfully fix it or give them another product and/or even a bonus ‘gift’ for bringing it to your attention? 

The items on this list are a great starting point to ensure that a visit to your Veterinary practice becomes MEMORABLE in the minds and eyes of your clients and so you become the practice of choice for your area. You’ll see your practice grow like never before. 


Are you giving awesome service?