Speaking and Engagements

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 “He’s a Vet and he’s been there – he speaks our language……”

“Practical and easy to apply in a busy practice….”

“Not many speakers can keep a room full of vets awake for 2 solid days so well done!”

These comments are just some small snippets, typical of the feedback that is received after Diederik speaks at an event.

Dr Diederik Gelderman is one of the busiest, most dynamic, engaging and exciting speakers in the veterinary sphere.

He is a confident, energetic, entertaining and accomplished presenter with over 15 years of experience speaking both to small intimate groups as well as audiences of many thousands.

Diederik has presented at over 500 events in the USA, Australia, South Africa as well as in Europe. For a list of just where he’s been seen – scroll down.

Diederik has come up through the trenches and owned his own practice for over 35 years. Initially, the practice was very ‘ordinary’ indeed, but after reaching his ‘snap’ point, Diederik instigated strategies that transformed it into a multi-award winning and highly profitable enterprise. He now shares these and other practice success strategies with audiences all over the World.

He presents with honesty, authenticity, passion and most importantly experience – giving him enormous credibility. His trademark energy mixed with his sense of humor makes him a very popular speaker.

Diederik has a wide range of topics for you on all aspects veterinary business management and practice success. He guarantees that he will inspire your audience and add a cutting edge to your event.

Whether you need a keynote speaker to entertain and motivate a large audience, or a stirring and energising presentation for a small intimate group or even a hands-on, powerful, practical and directly applicable workshop or workshop series Diederik is the person to get the job done and he offers the solution that will get you the results you need.

Thank you for a very entertaining 2 days. Not many speakers can keep a room full of vets awake for 2 solid days so well done! I have been struck down by the flu and cannot wait to get reading on all my notes and tips you gave us. The implementation is obviously the key, but I think we will get there.

Will keep you posted on our progress and the date when I will be sailing around the world because I made enough money and other people are managing the empire for me. Obviously only because I turbo charged my practices…..Hilldidge Beer – South Africa

If you are interested in having Dr Diederik Gelderman speak at your event then contact Diederik with your event requirements

Possible Topics and Lectures

Below follows a list of topics of some of Diederik’s presentations. Most of the time frames a fairly flexible and a 1 hour presentation could be lengthened to 2 hours and vice versa.

Also included are some workshop (4-7 hours) scenarios. Again – many of the short presentations – (for example ‘leadership’) could be extended to a longer workshop format. Diederik can also present the ‘standard’ topics of; dealing with difficult clients, handling prices objections, performance counselling, etc. and some 30 other topics along this line.

This list of general topics and specific presentations will give you a broad brush idea of what is available. If there are topics that you want a presentation specifically develop for, then this is also most doable.