20 Ways to Build Your Self-Esteem

20 Ways to Build Your Self-Esteem

The first step to building your self-worth is finding things to build your confidence. I have sooo many ideas for you.

Your self-worth challenge: Below is a list of 20 ideas; hopefully at least 1 of them intrigues you, gets you excited, or gets your heart pumping.

You have to do at least 1 of these confidence boosting ideas TODAY – and then do ONE EVERY DAY till you’ve completed all 20.

Yes, today! You’ve got this.

Confidence Builder #1: Find your anthem

Go through the music charts and pick a song that makes you feel alive or that makes you feel like the best version of yourself. The best confidence songs make you feel like dancing. Play this song whenever you want to feel confident.

Confidence Builder #2: Get up and dance

Did you just pick your anthem? Great, take a dance break. Don’t worry no one can see you.

Confidence Builder #3: Text 3 Awesome People

Text 3 people and tell them they are awesome. Do it RIGHT NOW!

Sometimes the best way to feel confident is to help others feel confident. Look at your most recent texts or scroll back to texts from 1 month ago… who needs to be checked in with? Tell someone you miss them!

Confidence Builder #4: Do the Smile-Nod

Give the smile-nod to someone as you walk by them. The smile nod is that nice nonverbal social cue we do when we want to acknowledge someone. And we ALL love to be acknowledged. When you are walking down the hallway today at work or see someone you know outside your building, give them a smile and a nod. It says “I see you, and I’m happy about it”. It is a surprisingly likable body language cue.

Confidence Builder #5: Favourite Photos

Go through your phone and pick 5 of your favourite photos that make you happy. Share them, set a new screen saver, put them as your phone home screen, or better yet, print them and tape them to your bathroom mirror so you can see them every morning.

Confidence Builder #6: Make a Learning Bucket List

Make a learning bucket list! I think everyone should have a list of all the things they want to learn and try in their lifetime. Every time you learn something, you feel more confident.

Confidence Builder #7: Refresh Your Instagram

Do you like the people you follow? It’s time to clear out those old accounts and get some people who actually make you feel good! Follow people who you think have great self-worth and confidence. It is contagious! Follow your favourite comedians on Instagram or Twitter. Laughter is one of the fastest ways to feel amazing! I love @Amyschumer, who always makes me laugh.

Confidence Builder #8: Stand with Confidence

Did you know you can stand like a winner? There are all kinds of science based ways to improve your confidence. Some studies have found that standing like a winner makes you feel like a winner. Winners around the world, no matter their gender or race, typically take up as much space as possible when they win a race. The best way to do this is channel your inner kiddo and pretend you just won the ultimate game of tag.

Confidence Builder #9: Find Joy

We forget that sometimes even the smallest things can bring you joy. Do one thing that brings you joy in a small way. I have a young niece and nephew and they remind me to always embrace wonder. Think of one small thing that brings you joy. Go do it.

Go spend time with your kids.

Go spend time with your funniest friend.

Go for a walk.

Go see a movie.

Build an amazing playlist.

Confidence Builder #10: Breathe

Take 10 deep breaths. Sometimes the best way to snap out of a funk and boost your confidence is to slow down and breathe deep. Do 10 right now. If you really want to level up your self-worth you should try turning inward.

Confidence Builder #11: Pump Up

Create a pump up routine. Athletes do warm-ups. Musicians practice before hitting the stage. Actors put in their ear buds to get in the zone for their next scene. You should have your own Rocky routine. Can you make a playlist for each of your different work tasks? Your workouts? Your moods?

Confidence Builder #12: Clean Up and Clean Out

It’s time to clean out your closet. Do you have something you wear that makes you feel frumpy? Lazy? Fat? Get rid of it! If it doesn’t fit or makes you feel dumpy, it isn’t worth wearing. Don’t let your clothes wear you.

Confidence Builder #13: Just Say No

Are you ready for full permission to say NO? Say no to one thing you are dreading. There is nothing worse than going to an awkward social event or spending time with people you don’t like. Life is too short! Say no to one event you’re dreading. And learn to say no if you need to!

Confidence Builder #14: Be Kind

Perform a random act of kindness. Kindness is a funny thing. It makes YOU feel better. Helping others is the fastest way to feel better yourself. Helping others improve their self-worth is one of the best ways to improve your own self-worth. See a pattern yet? That’s why I am writing this article for you! Do one nice thing for someone in your life. Order your best friend a bouquet of flowers. Do the dishes for your partner.Pay for someone else’s coffee. Kindness spurs confidence.

  • Write someone a thank you card for a time when they were kind to you
  • Call your mom and tell her you love her
  • Make an introduction to two people who should know each other
  • Send someone flowers who would never expect it
  • Compliment a stranger who looks like they’re having a rough day
  • Pay for someone else’s meal

Confidence Builder #15: Sound Confident

Want to hear about something people often forget? Voicemail! Re-record your voicemail so you actually like the way you sound. Not sure how?

Confidence Builder #16: WALK

This is an easy one. Go take a walk. Just 10 minutes! Sometimes getting outside and changing our environment is the best way to change our mood. If you already walk all the time, try a new setting — is there a new spot you have been wanting to try? Go try a new cup of coffee. Go pick up a new kind of gum at the local mart. Easy, peasy, powerful.

Better still – go for a walk in NATURE – wow – you’ll feel so energised.

Confidence Builder #17: Start a Success File

One of the most valuable things you can do for your self-worth is to keep a success file. You have had many successes in your life, but it’s hard to keep these front-of-mind. Sit down and make a list of all the successes you have had — both large and small. Then add them to a success folder. This is where you can keep nice emails from colleagues, sweet social media comments or thank you notes from friends. Add to it every time you have a success, and look through it when you need a self-worth pick-me-up!

Confidence Builder #18: Clear Your Clutter

You know what feels great? A clean, organized desk. Throwing away old papers or things that don’t serve you anymore. Take 30 minutes to clean out your desk. Do you like every decorative item at your desk or in the practice? It’s time to do a desk makeover— clear out everything and make some space. Sometimes clearing the physical clutter helps you clear the mental clutter.

I’ve been forced to do that with a fires in our area recently – wow what a difference a clean desk makes!!

Confidence Builder #19: Spread Positivity

LinkedIn is an essential part of your career success, but we can forget about it so easily! When was the last time you logged into LinkedIn and updated your profile? Today, write a positive LinkedIn review. When you think about the great work relationships you have had, it can help you with your own confidence. Write an amazing recommendation for someone else and relive how great it was working with them. Who knows you might even get one back — and that’s a great way to feel more confident!

Confidence Builder #20: Be Grateful

Write down 3 things you are grateful for and write them down – right now! Studies have shown that gratitude is the fastest way to happiness. Here are mine:

  • I’m grateful for my wonderful partner, Jennifer.
  • I’m grateful for my amazing Team.
  • I’m grateful for YOU! I am honoured to be able to help you improve your confidence and self-worth, it’s my life’s mission to help you and your practice harness all your potential.

THANK YOU for being you.

Remember, investing in your self-worth is one of the safest, smartest investments you can make.