How would you like to earn an EXTRA twenty thousand dollars in the 1st few months of 2012?

How would you like to earn an EXTRA twenty thousand dollars in the 1st few months of 2012? A no-brainer? Well read on.

I trust that you had a fantastic Christmas, had some time off to reconnect with family, friends and loved ones and made time to recharge your enthusiasm batteries for 2012.

With some help from your Team and from me, I look forward to you having your best year ever – let’s plan for that and ENSURE that it happens!

And remember when you plan for something it’s much more likely to come true than if you don’t plan ahead. Planning some success strategies for 2012 is what this blog and the next one in about 2 weeks’ time is all about.

My clients report that the last few months have been very kind to them – truly awesome in fact – in terms of client and patient numbers and profitability.

I hope that it’s been similar in your practice!

Since it’s such a very busy time of year, I’m going to keep this email short and to the point.

Let me just précis what’s in store for you…..

1. Firstly: Look forward to your 12 month modular training on Success, which I will release close towards the end of the month – the first module is called ‘Strategies For Success’. Look for it in your in-box.

When you apply and follow these strategies, your life and your Veterinary business will become awesome indeed.

2. In a modern Veterinary practice, 75% of your clients will search you out on the web before ever walking in your door. What does you website look like? Does it serve you and attract new clients. And remember, you have 30 seconds to engage them before they ‘click-off’ your site and on to someone else’s.

Designing your website with your business goals in mind is a cardinal rule of e-commerce and an important catalyst for success.

Having a website which actively supports your business objectives is more than a pretty design, flashing videos, and pictures of pets, services and products.

A good Veterinary website is designed to attract your target visitors (pet owners), encourages them to stay longer and interact more and then to seek you out. It also discourages non-target visitors, those you do not want to serve for various reasons.

Here are nine different factors you must evaluate as you analyse your website’s business performance. They address the features and functions which establish the on-line interface your customers use to interact with you. Click here to read the whole article….

3. As I travel around, I SEE many practices which have a ‘plan’ to capture all the clients’ (existing and new) email addresses.

WELL DONE – excellent. Email is now such an important marketing tool for EVERY practice.

And then I HEAR most of them say that no matter what they do, their ‘capture’ rate is hopeless – the Team just (for whatever reason) DON’T DO IT.

I’ll re-iterate; Collecting email addresses from your clients is a VERY important marketing tool.

Now is the time to develop a plan to be more organised about this function!

Are your staff forgetting to ask for email addresses from new and current clients? Are existing email addresses not being updated as they should be? There are some simple strategies which will help you solve this dilemma. Click here to read the whole article….

4. Lastly – how would you like to earn an extra twenty thousand dollars in the 1st few months of 2012?

Well – I’m going to help you do just that.

It all has to do with a webinar that I’m hosting at; 7pm AEDT (Sydney time) 31st January 2012.

I’ve been fortunate enough to manage to entice Chris Newton (from Results Corporation Australia – check out his website) to come and share some ideas with which to start 2012.

Chris is one of the true marketing gurus of Australia for over 35 years and has worked with many Veterinarians and other business professionals.

I guarantee you that when you apply the ideas and the strategies that he will share in this webinar, that you will EASILY get an extra twenty thousand in your door in the 1st few months of 2012. Come and listen in on what he has to say.

Remember all you need to do is listen, write down what you hear and then APPLY the strategies.

I guarantee you as well – that these ideas will be straightforward, simple and most importantly easy to apply.

How do I know all this – because I used these ideas in my own practice many moons ago and I know just how well they work, how easy they are to use and the massive income boost that follows.

To register – just click on the link below….

That’s it from me – you’ll hear from me again in about 2 weeks.

In the meantime, look forward to the Chris Newton Webinar and the 12 month ‘Strategies For Success’ training.

Cheers for now

Diederik Gelderman

p.s. – the ONLY Turbo Charge Your Veterinary Business is on 4/5 May this year – keep your eyes open for more details.