Does your practice create a great last impression

We hear so much these days about First Impressions being so important when a new clients comes to your practice.

Equally important is EVERY client’s Last Impression.Are you creating a WOW last impression, one which is memorable, leaves them with great feelings, one which has them wanting to come back again and one which they are going to rave to their friends about? Continue reading “Does your practice create a great last impression”

Collecting Clients’ Email Addresses Quickly and Painlessly

In this frantic, fast-paced, modern world, unless you stay in contact with your clients at least every month, you are at a BIG risk of loosing your client to ‘the opposition’ – another service provider.And this is because we are all being overwhelmed by so many different advertising mediums.Staying in contact is easy via newsletters, blogs and the regular use of FacebookBUT – I see so many practices that can’t even collect their clients’ email addresses quickly and easily. Continue reading “Collecting Clients’ Email Addresses Quickly and Painlessly”